Green Catalysis and Green Technology

Catalysis is a term used in chemistry to describe the process of modifying the rate of a reaction by using a substance that isn't consumed by the reaction. Green chemistry is a broad term that refers to the development of chemical products and processes that decrease or eliminate the usage and creation of hazardous compounds. It encompasses all aspects of chemistry. Catalyst design could be ecologically friendly, and various forms of solid catalysts are now used in the chemical industry. The primary advantages of heterogeneous catalysts in the green synthesis of chemicals that can be recovered and recycled to perform the reaction instead of the additional reagents used by the initial process at each stage are that they can be recovered and recycled.

  • Solid Acid Catalysts
  • Green Chemistry
  • Biomass
  • HMF
  • FDCA
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Energy & Power Technology

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