3rd Edition of International Precision Medicine Conference

March 17-19, 2025

March 17 -19, 2025 | Madrid, Spain

2021 Speakers

Ming Chung Jiang, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Ming Chung Jiang, Targetrust Biotech. Ltd, Taiwan

Therapy resistances in cancer are often detected too late or undetectable by current methods (CT scan & common liquid biopsy), cause patient death and huge expenses in the medical, economic, and the Medicare systems.  The tumor signal transduction oncoproteins insides tu [....] » Read More

Jeffrey K Mills, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conference
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Jeffrey K Mills, Medler Ferro Woodhouse & Mills, United States

Patenting discoveries in the Precision Medicine space is critical so that companies and research institutions can recoup their investments made in this area of innovation.  Since the United States Supreme Court’s decision in 2012 in Mayo v. Prometheus, the laws regardi [....] » Read More

Pamela D Price , Speaker at Precision Medicine Congress
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Pamela D Price , The Balm In Gilead, United States

There is a profound relationship between faith and health particularly in the African-American population. Studies have found that African-Americans are one of the most “religious” racial and ethnic groups in the US. Through the development and utilization of effectiv [....] » Read More

Frances Mary Johnson , Speaker at Precision Medicine Congress
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Frances Mary Johnson , USA, United States

Nurse practitioner (NP) navigation, in general, has been shown to achieve cost effective quality care, while saving millions of dollars. Research has shown that oncology nurse practitioner navigators’ improve clinical outcomes.  For purposes of this study, oncology NP [....] » Read More

Bruce K Kowiatek, Speaker at Personalized Medicine Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Bruce K Kowiatek, Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, United States

Although the non-enzymatic methylation of cytosine by S-AdenosylMethionine to 5-methylcytosine and its subsequent spontaneous deamination to thymine in DNA at physiologic pH and temperature has been implicated in some cytosine to thymine point mutagenic cancers, cancers in genera [....] » Read More

Ingrid Vasiliu Feltes, Speaker at International Precision Medicine Conferences 2023
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Ingrid Vasiliu Feltes, MEDNAX, United States

The dual application of Block chain technology and AI could be a paradigm-changing solution in our quest to move from an industry based on “sick-care” towards a truly global population health and precision medicine-based approach. Block chain technology’s unique [....] » Read More

Arezou A Ghazani, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Arezou A Ghazani, Harvard Medical School, United States

Cancer patients present a unique population in medical genetics, as they have two sets of genomes, somatic and germline. Traditionally, somatic and germline genetic findings in cancer patients are separately analyzed and interpreted for therapeutic and cancer risk assessments res [....] » Read More

Laura Kelly, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Laura Kelly, Opal Health, United States

Precision Medicine in Chronic Disease – using genetics and personalized medical nutrition to activate underperforming mechanisms in disease. As of 2020 157 million Americans are living with at least 1 chronic condition, with 81 million having multiple chronic conditions. Co [....] » Read More

Angelo Michele Carella, Speaker at Personalized Medicine Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Angelo Michele Carella, T. Masselli-Mascia Hospital, Italy

Gut Microbiota (GM), a microbial community gathering more than 100 trillion microorganisms in gastrointestinal tract, plays specific functions as nutrient metabolism, gut mucosa integrity, immunomodulation and protection against pathogens; GM also controls adipose tissue expansio [....] » Read More

Sean Hall, Speaker at Precision Medicine Congress
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Sean Hall, Medlab Clinical LTD, Australia

Precision Medicine (PMED) once synonymous with cancer treatment now has potential in a vaster field including infectious diseases, mental health, and age-related illnesses. Whilst PMED holds such vast promise, current day “pitfalls” include high patient costs, high po [....] » Read More

Antonina Mitrofanova, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conference
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Antonina Mitrofanova, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, United States

Prioritization of patients based on the risk of resistance to treatment plays a significant role in personalized therapeutic planning and improving disease course and outcomes. We have developed a series of computational algorithms to utilize patient molecular profiles to predict [....] » Read More

Jawad Alzeer, Speaker at Personalized Medicine Congress
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Jawad Alzeer, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Enormous advances in the human health system have been achieved, however, diseases like cancer still required treatment options beyond therapeutic drugs, mainly surgery, and radiation. Most of the newly approved drugs have limited added therapeutic value and designing a brand-new [....] » Read More

Jiandi Zhang, Speaker at Personalized Medicine Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Jiandi Zhang, Quanticision Diagnostics Inc, United States

Accurate assessment of protein biomarkers is an integral component of breast cancer diagnostics.  For example, overexpression of Her2 is the sole determinant of suitability of Trastuzumab for the patients, and Ki67 levels are critical to determine the necessity of cytotoxic [....] » Read More

Sergey Suchkov, Speaker at IPMC 2023
Keynote Presentation
Sergey Suchkov, A.I. Evdokimov MGMSU, Russian Federation

A new systems approach to diseased states and wellness result in a new branch in the healthcare services, namely, personalized medicine (PM). To achieve the implementation of PM concept into the daily practice including clinical cardiology, it is necessary to create a fundamental [....] » Read More

Huiqin Yang, Speaker at Precision Medicine 2023
Keynote Presentation
Huiqin Yang, ICON Clinical Research Ltd, United Kingdom

This research assessed the clinical effectiveness of using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) tests to measure drug levels and/or their anti-drug antibodies for monitoring response to TNF-α inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis patients who had achieved treatment target [....] » Read More

Gad Rennert, Speaker at Personalized Medicine Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Gad Rennert, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Precision medicine is promoted as a promising new medical approach leading to better health outcome. The term precision is used liberally to describe a wide variety of tools aimed at adding patient-specific information to the responsible physician. However, in-spite of point demo [....] » Read More

Xuemei Zhao, Speaker at Personalized Medicine Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Xuemei Zhao, Merck & Co., United States

Accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) involving less invasive molecular procedures, and at reasonable cost is an unmet medical need.  From the Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing (OPTIMA) study, a cohort of serum samples was profiled by a multiplex [....] » Read More

Sergey Suchkov, Speaker at IPMC 2023
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Sergey Suchkov, A.I. Evdokimov MGMSU, Russian Federation

Catalytic Abs (catAbs) are multivalent immunoglobulins (Igs) with a capacity to hydrolyze the antigenic (Ag) substrate. In this sense, proteolytic Abs (Ab-proteases) represent Abs to provide proteolytic effects. Abs against myelin basic protein/ MBP with proteolytic activity exhi [....] » Read More

Laurent Metzinger, Speaker at Personalised Medicine Conference
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Laurent Metzinger, Universite de Picardie Jules Verne, France

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in chronic kidney disease (CKD). Better knowledge of the physiopathology of this disease and its underlying genetic mechanisms is needed to improve diagnosis and therapy. The latest research shows a number o [....] » Read More

Xu Chen, Speaker at Personalized Medicine Congress
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Xu Chen, The College of St. Scholastica, United States

During recent forty years, thyroid cancer rates had gone up constantly. Generally, the best treatment for thyroid benign or malignant nodules is surgery, but surgery is very costly. This paper was about how to manage thyroid cancer through food and medication. To understand this [....] » Read More

Benjamin Longo Mbenza, Speaker at Personalised Medicine Conference
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Benjamin Longo Mbenza, Lomo University of Research, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the

Five P Medicine (Predictive, Personalized, Preventive, Participating, and Precise, Evidence-Based) for the Management of NAFDL, NASH, Fibrosis, Compensated Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer, HCC Risk and Prognosis, is well established in Rich Western Countries. However, Innovations and Art [....] » Read More

Nicolo Mauro, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conference
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Nicolo Mauro, University of Palermo, Italy

The concept of precision medicine has emerged as a promising way to overcome limitations of standard clinical approaches in the cancer treatment. Engineered theranostic nano-biomaterials combining different therapeutic and diagnostic techniques in a single nanosystem constitute a [....] » Read More

Alvard Ter Karapetyan, Speaker at Personalized Medicine Congress
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Alvard Ter Karapetyan, Vardanants Center of Innovative Medicine, Armenia

4D perfusion magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with intravenous injection of contrast agent allows for a radiation-free assessment of regional lung function. It is therefore a valu-able method to monitor response to treatment in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [....] » Read More

Andres D Klein, Speaker at Personalised Medicine Conference
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Andres D Klein, Clínica Alemana Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile

We are all similar, but a bit different. These differences are partially due to variations in our genomes and are related to the heterogeneity of symptoms and responses to treatments that patients can show. Most studies in animal models are performed in one single strain with one [....] » Read More

Milena Cavic, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Milena Cavic, Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Serbia

Background: Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy (CRT) is the golden standard in locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC), although the response is not uniform among patients. Profiling the response to CRT in patients with LARC would enable more adequate selection of patients who would ben [....] » Read More

Cinzia Casu, Speaker at Precision Medicine Congress
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Cinzia Casu, University of Cagliari, Italy

SARS-CoV-2 infection does not only affect the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems as was hypothesized until a few months ago, but manifestations can occur at different levels as well as in the oral district. The most well-known oral manifestation of COVID 19 is the alteratio [....] » Read More

Idania Gonzalez Perez, Speaker at Personalised Medicine Conference
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Idania Gonzalez Perez, National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology, Cuba

Data about the diagnostic capacity of serum EGF concentrations ([sEGF]) in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), indicative of EGF-dependency and possible response to EGF/EGFR directed therapies, are not conclusive. The cause is mostly related to the lack of harmonization, and even [....] » Read More

Pisamai Natun, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conference
Poster Presentation (In-Person)
Pisamai Natun, Mahidol University Amnatcharoen Campus, Thailand

Cancer treatment among head and neck cancer (HNC) patients affect the maximum interincisal mouth opening (MIO). Exercise therapy could improve the MIO of HNC who received cancer treatment. This study is randomized controlled trial (RCT) aimed to study the effectiveness of wooden [....] » Read More

Mohammad A Y Alqudah, Speaker at Precision Medicine Congress
Poster Presentation (In-Person)
Mohammad A Y Alqudah, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

Purpose: Calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) has been associated with breast cancer metastasis to the bone. Targeting chemoattractant factors, such as calcium, that are released in response to bone resorption could prevent metastasis and induce apoptosis of cancer cells. In the prese [....] » Read More

Azhar Talal, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conference
Poster Presentation (In-Person)
Azhar Talal, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates

Introduction: Mapping the power, interest and stance of stakeholders is a cornerstone for genomic medicine implementation. In this study, we aimed at mapping the power/interest of various stakeholders in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and exploring their attitudes toward pressing hea [....] » Read More

Alexander G Haslberger, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conference
Keynote Presentation
Alexander G Haslberger, University of Vienna, Austria

Health preservation and disease prevention are central objectives for establishing a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Molecular mechanisms of aging, premature aging and the development of aging correlated complex diseases are step by step analyzed by scientific disciplines addres [....] » Read More

Guangju Zhai, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Guangju Zhai, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

The wide heterogeneity of osteoarthritis (OA) is the biggest challenge for classifying OA, predicting disease progression and developing effective therapeutics. Present OA clinical classifications fail to subset the disease and this results in inconsistent response to therapeutic [....] » Read More

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