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Abd El Aziz Mousa Nour, Speaker at Nutrition Conference
Abd El Aziz Mousa Nour
Alexandria University, Egypt


Dr. Nour ,Abdelaziz is a Professor Emeritus of Animal and Fish Nutrition, obtaining his PhD in 1976, within the field of Microbiology and Metabolism of Rumen Microorganisms, at the Department of Animal and Fish Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University Alexandria, Egypt. He was the pervious Head of the Department (1999-2002). Nour is an expert in the field of rumen microbiology, animal and fish nutrition, water quality and aquaculture. He has participated in 13 research projects as a member, CoPI and PI, and published 300 research papers in national and international journals and conferences. Dr. Nour has supervised 50 MSc and PhD theses in the fields of animal and fish nutrition, intensive fish production, agro-industrial by-products in animal and fish feeds, microalgae production and utilization in fish feeds and biofuelproduction. Dr. Nour was the advisor for many national and international organizations and companies. He was a member of Permanent Scientific Promotion Committees Memberships, Supreme Council of Universities, Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Egypt (2001-2012) and a member of Aquaculture Group, Food & Agriculture Research Council, Scientific Research and Technology, Ministry of Scientific Research, in Egypt(2001-2005). Dr. Nour has achieved the following awards: Award Appreciation The University of Egypt (2014), Presidential Award Egypt (2007), Award for presenting the most tangible manuscript in the field of technology of date processing and by-products, the 3rd Symposium (1993) in Saudi Arabia, Sciences Agricultural Award in Motivation National in Egypt (1987), Alexandria University Award for Prominent Scientists (Agricultural Sciences) in Egypt (1986), and Foundation Alexander von Humboldt Foundation research grant in Germany (1980-1984). Dr. Nour participated in 50 international and local workshops,conferences and seminars He has also over 53 years of university teaching experience.

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