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Scientific Program

Keynote Speaker at Nutrition Conference 2020 - Claude Billeaud
Keynote Presentation
A new High Hydrostatic Pressure destroyed all pathogens including spores while preserving the Bioactive proteins of Donated Human Milk
Claude Billeaud, University in Bordeaux, France

Background: The main process used to pasteurize human milk is the low-temperature, long-time Holder method (HOLDER and recently investigated, the high-temperature, short-time method.Both processes lead to an appropriated inactivation of vegetative forms but are ineffective versus [....]

Keynote Speaker for Nutrition Conferences - Dan Martin
Keynote Presentation
Creating Nutrition Behaviour Change in Professional Sport: An Applied Example from Professional Horseracing
Dan Martin, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Despite the knowledge of the detrimental effects on both health and athletic performance of severely low energy diets and rapid weight loss methods, professional jockeys maintain archaic weight management and weight making practices. This presentation acknowledges that knowledge [....]

Keynote Speaker for Nutrition Research Conference - Sandra Poirier
Keynote Presentation
Global Nutrition: Challenges and Solutions
Sandra Poirier, Middle Tennessee State University, USA

Food insecurity is a global issue with significant effects on human health. However, while many efforts have been made in addressing hunger and improving health, continued progress is still necessary at many levels. This presentation explores how, in today’s connected globa [....]

Invited Speaker for Nutrition 2020 Conference - Zhang Weiguo
Keynote Presentation
Potential Speaker for Nutrition 2020 - David Henman
Oral Presentation
Technology and The Future of Pig Nutrition
David Henman, Rivalea Australia, Australia

Technology has accelerated the development of pig nutrition as we have moved from formulating with 10 nutrients to now up to 200 nutrients. Precision has replaced the art of nutrition as diagnostic tools such as NIR are now common place in most feed mills. In-depth diagnostic tes [....]

Potential Speaker for Nutrition 2020 - Jacques Duff
Oral Presentation
Beneficial effect of Dietary changes and Nutritional supplements on Symptoms of ADHD
Jacques Duff, Victoria University, Australia

Highly processed foods and deficits in nutrients are associated with poor mental health outcomes. This recent study examined the effect of a six-month diet that eliminated gluten, dairy (with A1 protein), food colourings, additives and preservatives, and nutrient supplementation [....]

Renowend Speaker for Nutrition 2020 - Angelo Michele Carella
Oral Presentation
microRNAs and Gut Microbiota: Is there a link? Update and Review
Angelo Michele Carella, T. Masselli-Mascia" Hospital, Italy

Gut Microbiota (GM), a microbial community gathering more than 100 trillion microorganisms in gastrointestinal tract, plays specific functions as nutrient metabolism, gut mucosa integrity, immunomodulation and protection against pathogens; GM also controls adipose tissue expansio [....]

Motivational Speaker at Nutrition 2020 meeting - Denise Grotto
Oral Presentation
Development and evaluation of novel food bars supplemented containing Lentinula edodes as a nutraceutical
Denise Grotto, University of Sorocaba, Brazil

Demand and consumption for food with a functional character have grown a lot, as well as the development of new products, beneficial for health. In this context, the cereal bars appear. They are products with good acceptance in the market and whose demand has been growing constan [....]

Leading speaker in Nutrition 2020 - Mariela  Beatriz Maldonado
Oral Presentation
Dehydrated cherries osmotically with lactitol
Mariela Beatriz Maldonado, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional- Facultad Regional Mendoza, Argentina

Trials of canned cherries in syrup with lactitol were made with different ratios of lactitol: 25 and 50% with an improved nutritional profile. Three formulations of cherries were developed: Witness: sucrose 100%, T1: sucrose75%-lactitol 25% and T2: sucrose50%-lactitol 50%. In com [....]

Potential Speaker for Nutrition 2020 - Ines Gaspar
Oral Presentation
Honorable keynote speaker for Nutrition 2020 - Ahmed Bettaieb
Keynote speaker
New Insights into the Metabolic Functions of Adipose Pyruvate Kinase M2
Ahmed Bettaieb, University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA

Pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2) is primarily a tetrameric enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a phosphate from phosphoenolpyruvate to ADP, resulting in pyruvate and ATP. PKM2 is abundant during embryogenesis and in specific adult tissues such as adipose and pancreatic islets. New evi [....]

Keynote Speaker for Nutrition 2020 - Justyna Zulewska
Keynote Presentation
Lactose intolerance – how does it affects dairy industry?
Justyna Zulewska, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland

Lactose intolerance is a condition in which a person cannot digest or absorb lactose due to a genetically programmed decrease in intestinal galactosidase (lactase). People who follow a strict lactose-free diet often suffer from various nutritional deficiencies that can generate v [....]

Keynote Speaker for Nutrition 2020 - Ram Lakhan Singh
Keynote Presentation
Role of nutraceuticals in mitigation of toxic effects of xenobiotics
Ram Lakhan Singh, Dr. Rammanohar Lohia Avadh University, India

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Leading speaker in Nutrition 2020 - Monika Modzelewska-Kapitula
Oral Presentation
Factors affecting quality of beef – from animal feeding to nutrition value of cooked meat
Monika Modzelewska-Kapitula, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland

During the presentation factors affecting beef quality will be discussed, starting from cattle diet, followed by ageing period and thermal treatment used, and the results of our own research will be presented. In the past, beef was produced from pasture-fed cattle carcasses, w [....]

Honorable Speaker at Nutrition Conference 2020 - Hala Nehme
Oral Presentation
Screening of natural components as potential inhibitors of the ATP synthase, a potent target to overcome antibacterial resistance
Hala Nehme, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Most bacteria are harmless and valuable germs whereas some constitute major threats on public health. In fact, Escherichia coli has been recently classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as being one among other bacteria causing serious antimicrobial resistance. Therefor [....]

Honorable Speaker at Nutrition 2020 - Aoudia Hassiba
Oral Presentation
Enrichment of a butter with Moringa Oleifera leaf powder of Algerian origin
Aoudia Hassiba, Universite de Bejaia, Algeria

Moringa oleifera is a tree of the family Moringaceae, native of India, this plant of great nutritional and medicinal interest is currently cultivated in Algeria. In the present work we are interested in the effect of incorporation of M. oleifera leaf powder on the preservation [....]

Honorable Speaker for Nutrition 2020 - Dr. Dalia El Khoury
Oral Presentation
Can blood levels of apolipoproteins AI and AII serve as early biomarkers for the metabolic syndrome in adults?
Dr. Dalia El Khoury , University of Guelph, Canada

Worldwide, there is an alarming increase in the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (MetS), a constellation of cardiovascular risk factors including central obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidaemia and hypertension. The use of multiple MetS definitions has led to challenges wi [....]

Honorable Speaker for Nutrition 2020 - OPIRO Kenneth Lakuma
Oral Presentation
Bioactive constituents of Moringa oleifera leaves and prevention of degenerative chronic diseases
OPIRO Kenneth Lakuma, Homeopathy and Herbal Centre, Uganda

There is more and more scientific evidence which supports a positive relationship between a diet based on plant foods and the prevention of certain degenerative chronic diseases such as obesity, coronary disease, arterial hypertension, diabetes, cancer and others. Moringa oleifer [....]

Oral Presentation
Fiber and Sugar contents in vegetables prescribed and consumed by Diabetics in Kisangani
Lusamaki Mukunda Francois, Kisangani University, Congo

Consumption of high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables is beneficial in stabilizing blood sugar. Therefore present study has been conducted to evaluate and determine the fiber and total sugar contents in leafy vegetables prescribed to diabetics in Kisangani. Fifty Nine [....]

Honorable Speaker for nutrition 2020 - Jerome Gay-Queheillard
Oral Presentation
Effects of perigestational exposure to the pesticide Chlorpyrifos (CPF) and/or High Fat Diet (HFD) on respiratory and digestive systems in young adult rats
Jerome Gay-Queheillard, Picardy Jules Verne university, France

The  perinatal  period  is  characterized  by  developmental  stages  with  high  sensitivity  to environmental factors. Among the risk factors, maternal obesity and early-life pesticide exposure can program infant metabolism [....]

Honorable Speaker for Nutrition 2020 - Jerome Gay-Queheillard
Impacts on gut and adipose tissue of a long-term co-exposure to the pesticide Chlorpyrifos and a high fat diet in male rat offspring
Jerome Gay-Queheillard, Picardy Jules Verne university, France

Background/aims: The perinatal period is characterized by a strong plasticity of physiological systems explaining the higher individual sensitivity to environmental factors (foetal programming). An association of junk food and early exposure to pesticide residues seem to be inv [....]

Honorable Poster Presenter for Nutrition 2020 - Giro Tatiana
Poster Presentation
Production and storage of lamb enriched with essential trace elements in biodegradable film
Giro Tatiana, N. I. Vavilov Saratov State Agrarian University, Russian Federation

The studies are aimed to the development of technology for production of lamb enriched with minerals in organic form, packed in biodegradable film, providing the preservation of essential nutrients and quality as well as reduction in the loss of raw material weight. One of the [....]

Honorable Poster Presenter for Nutrition 2020 - Gordana Kralik
Poster Presentation
Dietary modification of yolk fatty acid profile with vegetable and fish oil
Gordana Kralik, Nutricin j.d.o.o. Darda, Croatia

The biological significance of polyunsaturated fatty acids, in particular the n-3 PUFA, as well as the n-6/n-3 PUFA ratio, is the subject of numerous studies. For the human body, linoleic (LA, C 18:2) and linolenic (ALA, C 18: 3) acids are essential as precursors of bioactive fat [....]

Honorable Poster Presenter for Nutrition 2020 - Igor Kralik
Poster Presentation
Efficiency and cost-effectiveness of producing eggs enriched with functional ingredients
Igor Kralik, Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek, Croatia

Eggs are a significant source of nutrients used in the daily diet. The cost price of eggs of conventional composition is determined by their weight class. With increasing egg weight, the absolute proportions of albumen and egg yolk in grams increase, while the relative proportion [....]

Poster Presenter at Nutrition Conference 2020 - Danielle Christelle TINAK EKOM
Poster Presentation
Genetically modified crops: the case of wheat
Danielle Christelle TINAK EKOM, Hassan II Casablanca University, Cameroon

Wheat is one of the most widely grown cereals in the world. Considered among the most important protein sources, wheat could provide 20% of calories from the overall human consumption. However, the strong demand for wheat is leading to a major research effort. This is necessary t [....]

Leading speaker in Nutrition 2020 - Dr. Adriana Lobacz
Poster Presentation
Application of cricket flour (Acheta domesticus) in yoghurt production
Dr. Adriana Lobacz, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland

One of the most valuable from a nutritional point of view alternative source of protein are edible insects. Their amino acid composition is the most similar to animal proteins traditionally consumed in the diet, and the protein itself has a high degree of digestibility. In additi [....]

Poster Presentation
Effectiveness of UNICEF Multiple Micronutrient Powder on Child Stunting Rate and Influencing Factors in Kisangani
Lusamaki Mukunda Francois, Kisangani University, Congo

Home fortification of foods with Multiple Micronutrient has been proposed to maintain normal growing and health of children living in chronic malnutrition conditions. In December 2014, the National Nutrition Programme, in partnership with UNICEF, introduced multiple micronutrient [....]

Honorable Poster Presenter for Nutrition 2020 - Sara Moujabbir
Poster Presemtation
Diversity and interactions "bread / sourdough" bio food ecosystem sourdough in Moroccan Berber area "FIGUIG"
Sara Moujabbir, Faculty of science chouaib doukkali, Morocco

Bread has a historical importance in staple of our Moroccan culture . However, the diversity of traditional peasantry bakers' practices was never described and linked to the biodiversity. During the last century , industrialization promoted the use of yeast starters and stand [....]

Poster presentation
Mechanistic Action of Hydroxyxanthone on Alleviation of Inflammation in human Intestinal Epithelium
Chatsri Deachapunya, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand

Specific derivatives of synthetic hydroxyxanthrones (HDXs) have been shown to strengthen tight junction barrier and prevent tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α)-induced barrier disruption of intestinal epithelia. HDXs have been demonstrated to up-regulate the barrier-build [....]

Honorable Poster presenter for Nutrition 2020 - Dr. Aishath Naila
Poster presentation
Nutritional analysis of imported honey into the Maldives
Dr. Aishath Naila, The Maldives National University, Maldives

Honey is produced from the nectar of flowers or exudates of the plant parts which are collected by bees (Apis mellifera). These honey bees transform, deposit, dehydrate and store honey in honeycombs. All honey consumed in the Maldives are imported, and according to the Maldives C [....]

Honorable Speaker for Nutrition 2020 - Andrea Vania
Oral Presenter
Obesity prevention in infancy, childhood and adolescence
Andrea Vania, Centre for Paediatric Dietetics and Nutrition, Italy

Effective prevention of obesity already during infancy, and again in childhood and even through adolescence will positively contrast adult obesity, and reduce the weight of obesity’s complications. Preventive interventions have been usually focused on reinforcing the sin [....]

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