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Joanna Mrozek, Speaker at Nutrition Conference
University of Agriculture, Krakow, Poland


The study aimed to evaluate the diet and nutritional status of the patient with hypothyroidism with Hashimoto and dyslipidemia, taking into account the results of the annual collaboration between the dietician and the patient. The paper presents dietary recommendations and a weekly dietary project, applied by the patient during the year. The patient's diet was evaluated, before the introduction of a new diet, based on a survey and a weekly dietary log (current record), based on the balance of nutrients. The nutritional status of the patient was monitored based on anthropometric measurements and body composition analysis and selected biochemical parameters of blood were compared and evaluated. So far, the patient has consumed little fiber, Ω-3 acids, iron, selenium, iodine, vitamin D and C, while excessive consumption of energy, protein, fat, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamin A and cholesterol. During the study, a decrease in TSH hormone concentration, body weight by 7.4 kg and percentage of fat tissue to the tolerance limits was noted. An increase in cardioprotective HDL cholesterol concentration was noted. The obtained results are the result of the pharmacotherapy, diet therapy and physical effort applied by the patient. The individual, holistic approach to problems and the appropriate methods used to eliminate them have improved the patient's health.


Joanna Mrozek, MSc, Dietitian, PhD. student of Food Technology and Human Nutrition. Graduate of Dietetics, Faculty of Food Technology, the University of Agriculture in Krakow.  Currently, she is continuing her education at the same university. She researches on entitled ,,Evaluation of the nutritive value of vegetables biofortified with iodine and their health-promoting properties - in vivo studies on animal model". In addition, she works actively as a dietician in a clinic dietary