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Slimane Belbraouet, Speaker at Nutrition Conferences
Slimane Belbraouet
Université de Moncton, Canada
Title: Serum Lipid Profile and Breast Carcinogenesis in Young Premenopausal Women: a Case-control Study


Objectives: Many studies have suggested with contradicting results. an association between lipid profile and breast cancer., The aim of this study is to evaluate possible association between serum lipids and incidence of breast cancer (CA-BR) in a control-case survey.

Subjects and methods: The study conducted in Doha included 15 cases newly diagnosed with CA-BR by National Center for Cancer Care & Research (NCCCR) and 30 controls (female students and staff enrolled in Qatar University); 21-55 y. 10 mL of whole blood was collected in EDTA tubes from subjects fasted at least 8 hours. Serum was separated within 1 hour and then samples were stored at -80o C in refrigerator. Lipid profile (TC, HDL, and TG) were analyzed using spectrophotometric. LDL-Cholesterol was calculated using Friedewald equation. The OR (and 95% CI) was used to ascertain the association between biochemical values and CA-BR for patients and healthy controls, including TC, TG, HDL-C and LDL-C.

Results: There are significantly lower values for HDL-C and higher for TC, LDL-C and TG in patients compared to healthy controls (p 5.18 mmol/L, LDL-C >3.36 mmol/L, TG >1.7 mmol/L and HDL-C <1.00 mmol/L tend to be associated with breast cancer.

Conclusion: This findings, although analyzed on a limited number of individuals, seem to indicate an increase in serum lipid parameters and breast cancer in premenopausal women.


Dr. Slimane Belbraouet received his Ph.D. from the Université de Nancy (France) in 1994. He did his Postdoctoral Fellowship in 1995 at the Center of Human Nutrition and INSERM U420 (Nancy, France). Professor Belbraouet started his academic career in 1980 and is currently a full professor in the School of nutrition at the Université de Moncton (Canada) teaching both in undergraduate and graduate levels and covering many aspects of nutrition. He is internationally recognized for his research expertise in food science, the promotion of healthy eating, and the etiology of diseases related to nutrition.