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Neamt Radu Ionel, Speaker at Food and Nutrition Conferences
Research and Development Station for Bovine Arad, Romania


The main goal of the current study was to establish a possible link between dual–purpose cows’ reactivity and milk-related traits. In addition, the study intended to examine changes in herd structure based on cow temperament over successive years as a result of breeding programs aimed to increase milk yield and temperament score. Between 2016 and 2021, 7620 data were collected from 1524 lactations for milk, fat, and protein yields, as well as milking speed based on cow temperament. The temperament of cows was classified as calm, moderate, and nervous. The most of the cows exhibited moderate reactivity (87.14%) compared to calm (5.24%) and nervous (7.61%). The factorial ANOVA protocol showed that cow’s reactivity significantly influenced (p≤0.01) milk, fat and protein yields, having more substantial effects (p≤0.001) on the milking speed for nervous ones. The calm cows produced more milk (5766.86±130.98 kg), fat (239.12±5.24 kg) and protein (201.56±4.3 kg) compared to moderate (+708, +41, +32 kg, p≤0.01) and nervous cows (+309, +22, +15 kg, p≤0.01). Significantly higher milking speed was recorded for nervous cows (3.2 kg/min.) compared to calm (1.82 kg/min., p≤0.001) and moderate cows (2.36 kg/min., p≤0.001). Over successive years a significant increased (p≤0.001) trend in calm (from 3.34 to 8.92%) and nervous cows (from 5.45 to 8.93%) was observed to the detriment of those with a moderate temperament (from 91.21 to 82.15%). The current findings highlight the controversial relationship between temperament and milk production. Also, this study suggests that breeding programs for temperament could increase milk yield and milking speed.


My name is Neamţ Radu Ionel, born in Timişoara city on August 28, 1976. After finishing high school I attended the courses of the National College "Elena Ghiba Birta" – Arad city, specialization Chemistry - Biology, courses graduated in 1995.Between 1996 and 2001 I was a student at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat in Timisoara city, Department of Animal Husbandry, thus obtaining the title of Zootechnical Engineer.

In the academic years 2005-2007 I attended the postgraduate master's courses of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Biotechnology from Timişoara city, specialization "Nutrition and feed base". The paper "Efficiency of dairy farms through genetic improvement of animals and the food base" was taken at the diploma exam in the June 2007 session.

After finishing my university studies, since July 2001 I am an employee of the Research and Development Station for Bovine, Arad city, within the Research department.

Between July 2001 and August 2004, I am employed as assistant in the research sector.

Between August 2004 and February 2009 I worked in the research sector as a research assistant.

In February 2009, I won the position of Scientific Researcher, the specialization "Animal Nutrition".

In May 2015, I won the position of Scientific Researcher III, in the specialization "Animal Breeding Technologies".

Following the competition organized in July 2017, I won the position of Senior Researcher II in the specialization "Animal Breeding Technologies".

Scientific activity

Scientific articles – 101; Research projects – 26; Reviewer - 17 international journals; International prices – 14; Medaled to the Romanian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences; Member of the European Federation of Animal Science; Director of World Agriculture Congress “Save Agriculture, Save Environment and Save Earth”; President of the scientific commission of the International World Research Journals Congress.