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Ali Imran, Speaker at Nutrition Conferences
Ali Imran
Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Title: Application of eco-innovative technologies for the extraction of bioactive polyphenols from peanut shell and husk for theraputic application


Agro-industrial food waste represent the huge problem owing to its volume, impact on climate and perishability. The dilemma has triggers the researchers and scientist for discovering some innovative processes and technologies not only for its management but also for the isolation/extraction of ingredients that provide benefits for human health. Among the different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring food security through reducing the food wastes and losses at the end of 2030 is among the priority list because the 12.5% of the global population is estimated to be suffering from chronic hunger. Amongst, the different coping strategies, utilization of food waste for obtaining proteins and phytochemicals is the most viable process that ultimately proved effectual to mitigate the malnutrition and ever escalating disease burden. The utilization of food waste into value added products will also be helpful to boast economy of Pakistan owing to its capacity to create jobs and progress of industry because these food wastes have been recognized as an abundant and cheap source of valuable functional compounds. The prime mandate of recent investigation is utilization of Agro industrial waste for the extraction/isolation of bioactive polyphenols through Eco-friendly technologies to cater the SDS goal, ensure food security and climate preservation. Purposely, the raw material from peanut by products were gathered and isolate/extract through different eco-innovative technologies and structural elucidation. Afterwards, the ultrasonication, supercritical fluid extraction and conventional extraction method were applied for the extraction of polyphenols by adapting different variables. The results indicated higher yield of polyphenols showed better HPLC characterization through innovative technologies as compared to conventional solvent extraction. Furthermore, the developed designer products exhibited the good storage and consumer acceptability


Dr. Ali Imran is currently working as assistant Professor in the Institute of Home and Food Science from more then 8yrs. He has expertise in formulation of plant based nutraceutical based dietary intervention against oxidative stress mediated maladies both in animal and human models. He has more then 60 high impacted publication in reputed food science and nutrition journals. He also won many Competitive research grants relevant to his expertise. Currently, he is working on the role of plant based nutraceuticals in brain health on animal models. He also wrote more than 10 book chapters on health endorsing perspective of polyphenols