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Nutrition 2022

Ali Imran

Ali Imran, Speaker at Nutrition Conferences
Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Title : Extraction and characterization of polyphenols from nopal and its by products for food application


The mandate of current study was to compare the different extraction solvents for their extraction yield of prickly pear peel and fruit. Purposely, water, ethanol, and methanol were used by adopting conventional solvent extraction for comparison. The variables targeted for the extraction process in different modules were time (30, 60, 90 minutes), sample to solvent ratio (1:6), at fixed temperature (55?) with purposed solvent concentration , water 100%, ethanol and methanol to water ratio were (70%:30%) . The outcomes suggested that all the variables found to be momentously (P≤0.05) effecting the extraction rates. All the extracts were evaluated for their antioxidant activity through TPC, TF, FRAP, DPPH, β-carotene and ABTS assay estimation. Among the solvents, methanol performed more efficient followed by ethanol and water. Meanwhile, both prickly pear peel and fruit imparted good antioxidant activity, although, fruit elucidated better antioxidant as compare to peel.  However, in the time intervals 90min executed better extraction trailed by 90 and 30min. In product development phase, four kinds of functional fudge were prepared from the prickly peel and fruit powder. The prepared functional fudge was probed for their physicochemical assay, storage behavior, and sensory properties. The outcomes elucidated momentous effect on color, pH, Water activity and acid value with treatment intervals. Moreover, storage interval and treatments significantly affected the sensory attributes of functional fudge.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • Food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry and herbal industry
  • It will attract the attention of business community owing to its cost effectiveness and safety
  • Provide viable solution for the utilization of Agro- industrial waste into useful products


Dr. Ali Imran is currently working as assistant Professor in the Institute of Home and Food Science from more then 8yrs. He has expertise in formulation of plant based nutraceutical based dietary intervention against oxidative stress mediated maladies both in animal and human models. He has more then 60 high impacted publication in reputed food science and nutrition journals. He also won many Competitive research grants relevant to his expertise. Currently, he is working on the role of plant based nutraceuticals in brain health on animal models. He also wrote more than 10 book chapters on health endorsing perspective of polyphenols