Nutrition 2022

Ganga Sahay Meena

Ganga Sahay Meena, Speaker at Nutrition Conferences 2022
ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute Karnal, India
Title : Improvement in functionality of buffalo milk protein concentrate 60


Milk protein concentrate (MPC) is a dairy based, protein powder. It contains casein and whey proteins in the similar ratio as present in milk. Buffalo milk naturally contain higher amount of casein and calcium compared to bovine milk and the same production of MPC from buffalo milk quite challenging. The solubility of MPC powders decreases with increase in their protein content. Hence, present investigation was undertaken to produce the MPC60 from buffalo milk with improved functionality through the incorporation of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) based on zeta potential and heat stability of homogenized and non-homogenized UF retentate. The Selected UF retentate was spray dried to obtain buffalo milk based MPC 60 (BMPC60) powder. Further, manufactured BMPC60 was subjected to its detailed characterization in terms of physico-chemical, reconstitution, functional properties, rheological behaviour and microstructure. The solubility of control sample was 67.13% while that of selected BMPC60 was 87.13%. Hence, the applied approach significantly improved the solubility. Further, loose, bulk and particle densities of BMPC60 varied in the range of 0.15-0.35 g/mL. Its porosity and dispersibility were 58% and 82 %. Water activity value was 0.28 while its d50 was 92μm. Heat coagulation time, apparent viscosity, water binding and oil binding capacities, foaming capacity and foam stability values were 90 min, 130 mPa.s, 4.96 & 4.66 g /g protein, 54 and 20%, respectively. Scanning electron microscopy of BMPC60 revealed presence of variable size, spherical powder particles with smooth surface. The current investigation has established the production of BMP60 with improved functional properties. This powder can be used as a potential ingredient for the formulation of an array of food products.

Audience Take Away Notes: 

  • MPC60 is a protein rich powder which contain both casein and whey proteins in the similar ratio as present in milk. Audience will be benefited with its production process and use in daily routine for health benefits.
  • Consumption of high protein will maintain their well-being.
  • Because high protein powder has poor solubility and this research deals with its improvement.
  • This will provide optimized solution of process parameters.
  • This also check the key challenges encountered during MPC production from buffalo milk as it naturally contains more calcium and casein. Hence, both have detrimental effect of functionality of MPC.


Dr. Ganga Sahay Meena, obtained B. Tech in Dairy Technology from the MPUAT in 2006 and M. Tech in Dairy and Food Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in 2008. He then joined the BANAS dairy (a part of AMUL) and served as Senior Production executive for 1.5 year. Thereafter, he joined Agricultural Research Services at National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) Karnal, deemed university in 2010 as Scientist. He received his PhD degree in 2016 at the same institution. He is having 12 years of research and teaching experience. He has published more than 50 research articles in reputed journals.