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A C Matin, Speaker at Pharma Conferences 2022
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
A C Matin, Stanford University School of Medicine, Canada

Chemotherapy with no or minimal side effects is an urgent need. One means of attaining it is through gene delivered prodrug therapies (GDEPTs). Prodrugs are harmless until activated by a bacterial or viral gene product; they can kill tumors without side effects if the activating [....] » Read More

Sergey Suchkov, Speaker at Pharma conferences
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Sergey Suchkov, University of Medicine & Dentistry, Russian Federation

Traditionally a disease has been defined by its clinical presentation and observable characteristics, not by the underlying molecular mechanisms, pathways and systems biology-related processes specific to a particular patient (ignoring persons-at-risk). A new systems approach to [....] » Read More

Hans Christian Siebert, Speaker at Pharma Research Conference 2022
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Hans Christian Siebert, RIBNT: Research Institute of Bioinformatics and Nanotechnology, Germany

The global outbreak of SARS CoV2/ Covid19 is a great challenge for new concepts and strategies in different fields as glycobiology, nanomedicine or nanopharmacology. When correlating clinical data obtained from patients in intense care units with tools used in structural biology [....] » Read More

Phila Raharivelomanana, Speaker at Pharmaceutics Conference
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Phila Raharivelomanana, University of French Polynesia, French Polynesia

Rauvolfia genus, grown in tropical areas, is well-known for its many species used in traditional medicine which healing properties inspired pharmacological studies leading to successful discovery of innovative drugs through years. Finding of these drugs were directly related to e [....] » Read More

Sergey Suchkov, Speaker at Pharma conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Sergey Suchkov, University of Medicine & Dentistry, Russian Federation

Catalytic Abs (catAbs) are multivalent immunoglobulins (Igs) with a capacity to hydrolyze the antigenic (Ag) substrate. In this sense, proteolytic Abs (Ab-proteases) represent Abs to provide proteolytic effects. Abs against myelin basic protein/MBP with proteolytic activity ex [....] » Read More

Mridula Prakash Menon, Speaker at Pharma 2022
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Mridula Prakash Menon, National Ilan University, Taiwan

Skeletal myogenesis involves the formation of new skeletal muscular tissue. During an injury, the skeletal muscle stem cells known as the satellite cells get activated and undergo proliferation, migration, and differentiation to complete the process of myogenesis. Muscle wasting [....] » Read More

Maeen Abdulaziz Almodhwahi, Speaker at Pharma Research Conferences 2022
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Maeen Abdulaziz Almodhwahi, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Sildenafil citrate (SLC) is a drug used worldwide mainly to treat erectile dysfunction. Several barriers are facing the conventional product, which decreased its efficacy as; limited solubility, delayed onset of action, low bioavailability with large variability in the absorption [....] » Read More

Kawkab Kh al Naimi, Speaker at Pharmaceutical Congress 2022
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Kawkab Kh al Naimi, Qatar University, Qatar

Before the discovery of the so-called red geopolymer, or the ferro-sialate geopolymer, for many years, the idea of including iron in the then-known geopolymer structure matrix was an in forgivable absurd or wrong proposition. Despite its absurdity, the scientific and technical co [....] » Read More

Consolato M Sergi, Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conferences
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Consolato M Sergi, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, University of Ottawa, Canada

Electronic medical record (EMR)'s use has increased exponentially worldwide. The traditional pen and paper way to record events and data in a patient's chart has evolved to EMR, allowing numerous opportunities. There is the potential to provide higher quality and safer ca [....] » Read More

Jian Yu Chen, Speaker at Pharmaceutical reseacrh
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Jian Yu Chen, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an immune and inflammatory disease in the central nervous system (CNS), in which, Th17 cells accelerates MS pathogenesis through both producing abundance of inflammatory cytokines and activating neighbor pro-inflammatory cells. Moreover, STAT3 is a tran [....] » Read More

Radhika khanna, Speaker at Pharma Research Conference 2022
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Radhika khanna, Forest Research Institute, India

Great interest has been directed towards plants as a sustainable source of antioxidant and antidiabetic materials. To avoid the destructive harvesting and promote stabilized usage of plant, leaves are used as the prime component for the study. The Phenolic compounds constitute on [....] » Read More

Swati Sachin Mutha, Speaker at Drug Development
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Swati Sachin Mutha, Vishwakarma University, India

Vesicles are the amphilic structure having aqueous core at the center. These vesicular drug delivery systems(VDDS)have found to be more valuable for controlled drug delivery, generally classified as Lipoidal biocarriers (e.g. Liposomes, ethosomes and transfersomes) and Non-lipoid [....] » Read More

Bassam Alkazman, Speaker at Drug Discovery
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Bassam Alkazman, The University of Sydney, Australia

Annona atemoya is a commercially important fruiting plant belonging to the Annonaceae family. It is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical continents. It is also known as the custard apple which is a hybrid between two Annonaceae species: (Annona cherimola) and (Annona squ [....] » Read More

Sajad Shahbazi, Speaker at Pharma Conferences 2022
Poster Presentation (Virtual)
Sajad Shahbazi, Nencki institue of experimental biology, Poland

Background: NF-kB contributes to the biosynthesis of various chemokines, cytokines, andenzymes. It plays many crucial roles in the upstream neuroinflammatory pathways. Thephosphorylation of Ser32 and 36 residues of IkB subunit leads to disruption of the bind between NF-kB complex [....] » Read More

Ruchika Bajaj, Speaker at Pharma Congress
Workshop (Virtual)
Ruchika Bajaj, University of California, United States

P-glycoprotein (P-gp) plays a critical role in drug oral bioavailability and modulation of this transporter can alter the safety and/or e?cacy pro?le of substrate drugs. Individual oral molecular excipients that inhibit P-gp function have been considered as a mechanism for improv [....] » Read More

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