HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Orlando, USA or Virtually from your home or work.

3rd Edition of International Precision Medicine Conference

April 24-26, 2023

April 24 -26, 2023 | Orlando, Florida, USA

Nanotechnology in Personalized Medicine

Nanotechnology in Personalized Medicine

Novel ways of targeted drug delivery using nano capsules and functionalized nanoparticles have been a primary focus of nanomedicine research to date. Existing drugs can be Nano formulated to make them easier to administer, safer, and more effective. Nano-enhanced diagnostic systems have also sparked a lot of scientific attention. In today's medical world, personalized medicine is a huge shift. It tries to move away from the existing approach of prescribing standard doses of typical medications to every patient for a disease, instead focusing on finding the exact drug and dose required based on the patient's physiology. Nanotechnology can aid with these advancements in a variety of ways, including making diagnostic techniques simpler, faster, or less intrusive by using less tissue.

  • Nanopores
  • Lab on a chip
  • Carbon nanotubes

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