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Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory Medicine
  • Corticosteroids & Other Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Respiratory medicine focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the airway and lungs, as well as their linings and blood vessels, as well as the muscles and nerves that control breathing. Respiratory medicine doctors diagnose and treat conditions that impact the respiratory system, which includes the nose, throat, windpipe, larynx, lungs, and diaphragm. Respiratory physicians have also been at the forefront of the push for integrated care, and an increasing number of them are now involved in community networks of care, which provide major gains in care quality and patient experience while also lowering costs. In the emergency room, acute lung infections including pneumonia and bronchitis are frequent. Prompt diagnosis and treatment can improve the prognosis significantly. In the modern world, chronic lung disorders such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) continue to account for a significant amount of the total disease burden, particularly in Western countries. These conditions necessitate long-term monitoring. Due to the fact that patients frequently switch healthcare providers, a competent physician should be able to recognise basic disease features in order to address patient requirements and refer them to the appropriate referral channel (e.g., severe cases of asthma).

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