Policy and Governance

Climate governance is the diplomacy, processes, and reaction measures used in political ecology and environmental policy to "guide societal systems toward preventing, reducing, or adapting to the hazards posed by climate change." The wide range of political and social scientific traditions (including comparative politics, political economics, and multilevel governance) that are engaged in envisioning and analysing climate governance at different levels and across diverse arenas makes a conclusive interpretation difficult. Climate governance has become a concern among academics, including geographers, anthropologists, economists, and business studies specialists. Over the last two decades, a paradox has emerged between growing awareness of the causes and implications of climate change and growing anxiety that the challenges that surround it are unsolvable. Climate change governance necessitates governments playing a proactive role in shifting public attitudes in order to sustain stable societal majorities in support of implementing an active mitigation and adaptation policy regime.

  • Policy
  • Urban/Regional Planning
  • Storm Water Management
  • Water/Water Issues
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Solid/Municipal Wastes
  • Waste Management
  • Political Science
  • Carbon Emission
  • Planning Processes
  • Environment Policies
  • Strategies
  • Security
  • Technologies
Committee Members
Speaker at Euro-Global Climate Change Conference 2023 - Marte Gutierrez

Marte Gutierrez

University Transportation Center for Underground Transportation Infrastructure (UTC-UTI), United States
Speaker at Euro-Global Climate Change Conference 2023 - Azzeddine Oudjehane

Azzeddine Oudjehane

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada
Speaker at Euro-Global Climate Change Conference 2023 - Gareth B Neighbour

Gareth B Neighbour

School of Engineering & Innovation The Open University, United Kingdom
EGCCC 2023 Speakers
Speaker at Euro-Global Climate Change Conference 2023 - Gisela Cebrian Bernat

Gisela Cebrian Bernat

Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

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