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Sustainability and Development

Sustainable development is a philosophy that aims to achieve human development goals while simultaneously preserving natural systems' ability to supply the natural resources and ecosystem services that the economy and society rely on. The targeted outcome is a state of society in which living circumstances and resources are utilised to suit human needs without jeopardising the natural system's integrity and stability. Sustainable development is defined as development that meets current needs while not jeopardising future generations' ability to meet their own. Every country on every continent is affected by climate change. It is wreaking havoc on national economies and harming people's lives. Weather patterns are shifting, sea levels are increasing, and extreme weather is getting more frequent. Although travel limitations and economic slowdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 6% in 2020, this improvement is only temporary. Climate change is not going to take a break. Emissions are projected to return to higher levels after the global economy recovers from the pandemic.

  • Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry, And Soil Science
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change
  • Sustainable Development, Economy, Environment, And Health
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Water Sustainability (Surface and Ground Water)

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