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The climate crisis is becoming more alarming with each day. Fortunately, there are numerous things we can do to safeguard our future prosperity. Climate change adaptation and mitigation are the two primary categories in which these initiatives fall. Changes in the climate efforts to minimise or prevent greenhouse gas emissions are referred to as mitigation. Mitigation might take the form of implementing new technologies and renewable energy sources, improving the energy efficiency of current equipment, or altering management procedures or consumer behaviour. It might be as complicated as a master plan for a new metropolis or as basic as adjustments to the design of a cook stove. From high-tech subway systems to biking pathways and sidewalks, efforts are being made all across the world. The mitigation element of the puzzle is easy to describe, but difficult to achieve. We must make the transition from utilising fossil fuels to using clean, renewable energy. Furthermore, we must halt deforestation and restore natural habitats until we achieve net-zero carbon emissions, which means that the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is balanced by their capture and storage in places like tree roots.

  • Mitigation and Adaption of Climate Change by Green Production
  • Mitigation and Resilience Strategies and Technologies
  • Mitigation of Climate Change
  • Modelling Approach to Mitigate and Understand the Climate Change

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