ELOS 2023

Mohamed Daris

Mohamed Daris, Speaker at Optic Conferences
Self researcher, Morocco
Title : The solution of the Schrodinger equation from the link between quantum mechanics and relativity


I will study the link between the quantum mechanics and relativity and I transform this study to another level so I will demonstrate the solution of the Schrödinger equation from the link between quantum mechanics and relativity so in this case I will put a system of solutions equations that make all the points to resolve the big problem that’s the Schrödinger equation solution .in the end I will find this solution from this link as a function of the function of the wave psi so this solution that I call them D(psi) that have an electrical quantum relativistic nature .so in this case only we can said that we have find the solution of the equation of the Schrödinger equation and resolve this big problem in physics.so my discussion them will be based and oriented to this field area of study. In my discussion study I will put several problems and solutions and solutions in the same time that give me in the end of the discussion a general idea that after this will guide the discussion to find and resolve the equation that have a long time presented in the physics area that the solution of the equation of the Schrödinger equation. So, I will begin to have the solution for this nature of problems and open the doors to others scientific and students to inspirate from my study and have also the solutions for others’ problems in physics like this problem.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • The audience will be very helpful of what they learn from my discussion that can be very easy have the ideas to put it in a very easy system demonstration that can build it and study any problem with it.
  • The study discussion that I will present will help the students and professors in their research’s.
  • My study discussion will help others faculty and student to develop and elevate their research to the next level of research


Am mohamed Daris a student at the faculty of sciences in Rabat Morocco at the field of physics in the same department of physics. I have developed several fundamental physics theories exploring the new systems in physics that can be studying and developing in the laboratory and the faculty of sciences in others countries. I have six articles published in the journal of applied physics I work with this methodology from 2018 just now.