Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

Drug delivery refers to the technology, formulations, and techniques (routes of administration) that are utilized to deliver pharmaceuticals for various applications or therapeutic uses. The technologies developed to manage the pace of drug release are referred to as advanced drug delivery systems. The type of technology employed is largely determined by the ailment, medicine, and desired impact. DDS (advanced drug delivery systems) provide undeniable advantages in drug administration. Over the last three decades, innovative methods to the development of novel drug delivery carriers have been proposed. As we understand more about disease's pathological and physiological causes, designing more effective controlled release delivery methods becomes more difficult. DDS technology has established itself as an undeniable interdisciplinary science geared towards advanced healthcare. New high-efficiency macrostructures for DDS are expected to appear in the near future. 

  • Innovative Drug Delivery Technologies
  • Implantable Drug Delivery System
  • Pediatric Drug Delivery systems
  • Routes of Drug Administration

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