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Novel Developments In Drug Delivery System

The extent of an exogenously administered bioactive molecule's sustained availability in the intended final site of action determines its potency and efficacy. Drug Delivery strategies have contributed to the conversion of potential therapeutics into effective treatments. DDSs are pharmaceutical formulations or systems that aid in the targeted delivery and/or controlled release (CR) of therapeutic agents in living organisms. Potential physical-chemical or enzymatic disruptions of the therapeutic agent are reduced by enclosing the molecules in a protective shell-like structure. DDSs regulate the rate of drug release and absorption, as well as the therapeutic and adverse effects of the drug. Ideal DDSs assure that the active medication is present at the site of action for the duration required by the patient. Delivery techniques and technologies swiftly changed to accommodate changing drug delivery needs as the therapeutic landscape altered.

  • Controlled Drug Delivery System
  • Ocular Drug Delivery System
  • 2D & 3D Printing in Drug Delivery
  • Drug Delivery: Devices and Equipment
  • Nano Drug Delivery Systems

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