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Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals

Biological therapy is a type of treatment that aids the immune system in fighting cancer. Biotherapy is defined as the use of chemicals or pharmacological compounds of substances found naturally in the body to treat hormonal hypersecretion syndromes and/or tumor growth. Immunotherapy, Biological Response Modifier (BRM) therapy, and Biotherapy are all terms used to describe this treatment. Biotherapy is a novel approach to cancer treatment. In the therapy of cancer, biologicals and biological response modifiers are used.

Radiopharmaceuticals are a class of radioactive substances that can be employed for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Radiopharmaceuticals (radioisotopes) are radioactive drugs that are used to diagnose and treat cancer. These drugs can be given orally (in pill form), intravenously (into a vein), or interstitially (via the skin) (inserted into a cavity in the body). Radio imaging entails the use of radiotracers in extremely low concentrations (sub-micro quantities). Radiotherapeutic agents employ the radiation released by the nuclide to kill or relieve the symptoms of cancer cells.

  • Radio Imaging
  • Radiotherapeutics
  • Biotherapy in Cancer

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