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Preformulation Studies

The term "preformulation studies" refers to research conducted during the early phases of developing therapeutic candidates into various dosage forms. During the preformulation step, these candidates' physical and chemical properties are investigated in order to discover the important features that influence the selection of the most appropriate candidate. Preformulation studies have been demonstrated to play a significant part in the drug discovery and development process since they are frequently used when valuable information about lead identification and optimization is required. Preformulation studies have been reported to be accurate predictors of changes that may occur during the combination process of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) with an appropriate delivery method that is meant to deliver the active ingredient to the patient safely and effectively.

  • Organoleptic and Bulk Characters
  • Solubility analysis
  • Stability analysis
  • Selection of Substance Physical Form
  • Selection of Precipitation Process
  • Conduction of Compatibility Studies

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