Cellular Targeting and Intracellular Delivery

The targeted localization of maximal concentrations of the therapeutic to the cellular/subcellular site of action in pathologically damaged tissues is one of the recurring obstacles in therapeutic drug delivery. Small molecule medications lack tissue and organ selectivity, have quick in vivo body clearance, and are frequently associated with a slew of adverse effects, particularly chemotherapeutic treatments, which are extremely toxic. Drug delivery systems (DDS) have been employed as one of the most promising solutions to solve this issue in recent decades. Cell-mediated DDS has emerged as a promising technique for addressing the aforementioned issues in recent years. Cell-mediated DDS has emerged as a new branch of therapy that allows for tailored distribution, increased circulation time, and decreased cellular and tissue toxicity. Intracellular delivery/therapy is a critical topic that will pique people's curiosity. Because the drug is not provided externally within the bloodstream, intracellular delivery allows for far more efficient drug delivery because the impact (on various organelles and locations) is intracellular. Targeted delivery with increased localized delivery and efficacy has a lot of potential.

  • Drug Targeting and Design
  • Targeted Drug Delivery System
  • Tissue Specific Drug Delivery

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