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Formulation Technologies

Pharmaceutical formulation refers to the process of producing a pharmaceutical product, which includes the chemical qualities of the medicine, its formulation, and the details of the treatment protocol to be used in clinical trials. Pharmaceutical formulation is a multistep procedure in which the active drug is combined with all other ingredients while taking into account particle size, polymorphism, pH, and solubility to create a final useful pharmaceutical product. The physicochemical characteristics and bioavailability of medicines are both affected by the pharmaceutical formulation. To overcome the dual challenges of low solubility and dissolution rate limits that would otherwise impede medication development, formulation science and technology have given a variety of techniques such as particle size reduction, solubilizing excipients, or stabilized amorphous systems.

  • Formulation and Analytical Development of New Modalities
  • Excipient and Preservative Issues
  • Polysorbate Issues and New Excipients
  • New Developments in Lyophilization And Alternative Drying Techniques
  • Developability, Robustness, and Scale-Up

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