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Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery

The most abundant components of living cells are proteins and peptides. Protein and Peptide are both novel medication delivery systems and novel drug delivery approaches. Peptides can be created to target a wide spectrum of molecules, allowing them to be used in fields as diverse as oncology, immunology, infectious illness, and endocrinology. While the market for peptide and protein therapeutics has grown dramatically in recent decades, their availability has been limited. Peptides and proteins have a lot of therapeutic potential. The market for peptide and protein therapeutics is currently estimated to be worth more than $40 billion per year, accounting for 10% of the total pharmaceutical market. This market is increasing at a far quicker rate than that of small molecules, and it will soon account for a much higher share of the market.

  • Peptide Formulation Development
  • Oral Delivery
  • Transdermal Delivery
  • Systemic Peptide Stability & Site-Specific Delivery
  • Pharmaceutical Approaches 

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