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Mariela Beatriz Maldonado

Leading speaker in Nutrition 2020 - Mariela  Beatriz Maldonado
Mariela Beatriz Maldonado
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional- Facultad Regional Mendoza, Argentina
Title : Dehydrated cherries osmotically with lactitol


Trials of canned cherries in syrup with lactitol were made with different ratios of lactitol: 25 and 50% with an improved nutritional profile. Three formulations of cherries were developed: Witness: sucrose 100%, T1: sucrose75%-lactitol 25% and T2: sucrose50%-lactitol 50%. In comparison, the Witness: sucrose 100% decreased the moisture until 23%, T1: sucrose75%-lactitol 25% to 35% and T2:50%sucrose-50% lactitol to 41%. All treatments reached 55°Brix. The increase in soluble solids was adjusted with a third-order polynomial evaluation with a high level of adjustment. Sensorial tests were made: preference and acceptation. Its showed the formulation T2:50%sucrose-50% lactitol, was the most preferred, then the T1: sucrose75%-lactitol 25%. The Witness: 100% sucrose was the least chosen. The study shows that it is feasible to produce cherries with up to 25 % reduction in caloric value as the case of T2:50%sucrose-50 %lactitol and 13% reduction in caloric value with the formulation T1: sucrose75%-lactitol 25%.


Dra. Maldonado studied Biological Sciences.She  receive her doctoral thesis with honors in  2004 at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Mendoza. Argentina, She is Specialist in Quality Engineering. She received a lot of awards:  GOLD PLATE AND HONOR DIPLOMA  for National University of Cuyo,  Honorary mention, Federation of University Women Argentina Merit for the Best graduate and Honorary member the Centro de Bromatólogos Mendoza. And She won  3rd MENTION in VI Food Congress XXI Conference Food, Nutrition and Health XXXIX for  this work : "Use of low digestibility carbohydrates as sucrose substitutes in the production of preserved cherries"  She has wrote a lot of papers in international magazines and  Congress.

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