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Nutrition Education

Nutritional issues can be divided into two types: those caused by insufficient intake in relation to nutritional needs, and those caused by an excessive and unbalanced consumption of food or a specific dietary component.   One of the main goals of nutrition education should be to provide people in rural and urban regions with the necessary information, skills, and motivation to obtain and consume healthy diets. Improved family food supplies and more effective use of available food and economic resources should be covered by such education in order to provide nutritious diets and better care for the most disadvantaged groups. Nutritional education encourages people to eat well and exercise regularly. It refers to any combination of educational approaches accompanied by environmental supports aimed at facilitating the adoption of healthy eating habits and other food and nutrition-related behaviours.

  • Policy and Systems
  • Environmental Approaches
  • Technological Advances
  • Food Procurement
  • Food Insecurity

Committee Members
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Dipak P Ramji

Dipak P Ramji

Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Angelo Michele Carella

Angelo Michele Carella

T. Masselli-Mascia Hospital, Italy
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Abdelaziz M Nour

Abdelaziz M Nour

Faculty of Agriculture, Egypt

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