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Nutritional Biochemistry

The chemical makeup of animal food has long piqued the interest of biochemists. Nutritional biochemistry is one of the academic foundations that make up nutritional sciences, a discipline that focuses on the function and influence of nutrients and other food components on mammalian physiology, health, and behaviour. The core knowledge, concepts, and methodology relating to the chemical characteristics of nutrients and other dietary elements, as well as their biochemical, metabolic, physiological, and epigenetic roles, make up nutritional biochemistry. The scientific determination of optimal dietary intakes for every nutrient and food component throughout the life cycle is a key focus of nutritional biochemistry research. Nutritional biochemistry, for example, is based on analytical methodology that allows for the purification of individual nutrients and the determination of their structures, as well as traditional biochemical strategies that identify metabolic pathways and illustrate the role of dietary components in metabolism and gene expression regulation.

  • Analysis of Dietary Intake
  • Cell Function and Metabolism
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Macronutrients and Energy
  • Monitoring Nutritional Requirements
  • Nutritional Genomics
  • Nutritional Psychiatry

Committee Members
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Dipak P Ramji

Dipak P Ramji

Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Angelo Michele Carella

Angelo Michele Carella

T. Masselli-Mascia Hospital, Italy
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Abdelaziz M Nour

Abdelaziz M Nour

Faculty of Agriculture, Egypt

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