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Plant Based Nutrition

You can still consume meat if you eat a plant-based diet. It indicates that the majority of your meals are made up of plants, such as vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. There are also beans, seeds, and nuts. Plants contain critical elements that are unavailable from other sources. Plants contain vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants that help maintain your cells healthy and your body in balance, allowing your immune system to perform at its best. Plants provide your body with the nutrients it requires to fight infection. Your immune system is strengthened by a plant-based diet, which protects you from germs and pathogens. Because it can spot and target abnormalities in cells before they proceed to disease, a functioning immune system is critical for lowering your cancer risk. The vital nutrients included in plants help to reduce inflammation in the body. The same phytochemicals and antioxidants that enhance your immune system also neutralize toxins from pollution, processed foods, microbes, viruses, and other sources throughout your body.

  • Plant-Based Micronutrition and Vitamins
  • Plant-Based Macro-Nutrition
  • Nutrient Adequacy
  • Plant Based Diet and Immunity

Committee Members
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Dipak P Ramji

Dipak P Ramji

Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Angelo Michele Carella

Angelo Michele Carella

T. Masselli-Mascia Hospital, Italy
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Abdelaziz M Nour

Abdelaziz M Nour

Faculty of Agriculture, Egypt

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