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Sport & Exercise Nutrition

In addition to providing for healthy growth and development, nutrition is an important aspect of sport performance for young athletes. Macronutrients, micronutrients, and fluids must be consumed in the right amounts to supply energy for development and activity. Sports nutrition is an ever-changing topic that has developed into a dynamic field of clinical research. Improved nutritional advice and support for both active adults and competitive athletes are still being recommended by research. Sports nutrition and energy intake are considered the "cornerstone of the athlete's diet" by science. The basis of athletic success is sports nutrition. It's a well-thought-out dietary plan that helps active adults and athletes’ function at their peak. Depending on unique energy demands, a sports nutrition diet may change from day to day. Each person's sports nutrition is tailored to their specific needs and goals. The food we eat and the water we drink provide the energy we need to live and exercise.

  • Exercise and Nutrition during ageing
  • Physiology
  • Dietetic & Behavioural Aspect
  • Genetic, Clinical or Methodological Aspects
  • Sports Food
  • Performance Supplements

Committee Members
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Dipak P Ramji

Dipak P Ramji

Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Angelo Michele Carella

Angelo Michele Carella

T. Masselli-Mascia Hospital, Italy
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Abdelaziz M Nour

Abdelaziz M Nour

Faculty of Agriculture, Egypt

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