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Dietetics is described as "the science of nutrition applied to the human being in health and disease." In the last 50 years, the dietitian's profession has evolved significantly, and the dietitian is today recognized as an expert in the planning and evaluation of nutritional treatment for both patients requiring therapeutic dietary regimens and the general public. Dietitians are the only health professionals who are certified to analyze, diagnose, and treat diet and nutrition issues. They play a critical role in improving the health of others, both on an individual and societal level. Dietitians apply the most up-to-date knowledge on diet, health, and disease to provide practical advice that helps people improve their health. Important dietetic deficiencies, such as iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn), is a serious public health concern that affects more than 2 billion people globally, resulting in malnutrition syndromes. In this rapidly increasing field of practice, medical and dietetic professionals must extend their understanding of safety and therapeutic efficacy as well as stay informed.

  • Assessment and Methodology
  • Community and Public Health Nutrition
  • Diet and Human Health
  • Dietary Behaviour
  • Dietary Intervention
  • Dietetic Education
  • Dietetic Practice
  • Foodservice Systems
  • Nutrition and Food Science
  • Personalized Nutrition

Committee Members
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Dipak P Ramji

Dipak P Ramji

Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Angelo Michele Carella

Angelo Michele Carella

T. Masselli-Mascia Hospital, Italy
Speaker at Nutrition Research Conference 2024 - Abdelaziz M Nour

Abdelaziz M Nour

Faculty of Agriculture, Egypt

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