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Lusamaki Mukunda Francois

Honorable Speaker for nutrition 2020 - Lusamaki Mukunda Francois
Lusamaki Mukunda Francois
Kisangani University, Congo
Title : Fiber and Sugar contents in vegetables prescribed and consumed by Diabetics in Kisangani


Consumption of high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables is beneficial in stabilizing blood sugar. Therefore present study has been conducted to evaluate and determine the fiber and total sugar contents in leafy vegetables prescribed to diabetics in Kisangani.

Fifty Nine participants (aged between 30 to 79 years) suffering from diabetes mellitus were interviewed on consumption of leafy vegetables that health workers prescribe for them.

Total fiber content was determined by the method describe by Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC, 1990) and the determination of sugars was made according to the method described by Dubois et al. (1956).

Result of the study revealed that 41.1% of the respondents consumed vegetables at least once in a day while 30.5% respondents consumed vegetables twice in a day. The most consumed vegetables were Manihot esculenta (84.8%), Amaranthus hybridis (55.9%) and Ipomoea batatas (41.1%). The fiber content ranges from 1g / 100g (Bracica oleracea & Solanum nigrum) to 3.6 g / 100 g (Amaranthus hybridis), while the sugar content was reported from 2.5g / 100g (Abelmoschus esculentus) to 15.5 g / 100 g (Manihot esculenta). Results of the study identified some leafy vegetables which are rich in dietary fiber and consumption of these would be beneficial for the diabetics.

KEYWORDS: Diabetic, Vegetable consumption, Dietary fiber, Sugars.


Mr. Lusamaki Mukunda Francois, I studied Human nutrition at Kisangani University Faculty of Medicine in DR Congo and I have got my bachelor degree (licence en Nutrition) in 2010. I then joined the research group of Prof. Kayisu and Prof Batina at the faculty of Medicine department of Human nutrition, I am secretary of department. Since February 2019, I am Master (MSc) student in Food Technology, Department of Food Engineering Faculty of Engineering of Eduardo Mondline Univerty at Mozambic. I have published more than 5 research articles in: JBAS, European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety and in KisMed.