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Benbrahim Nadia

Benbrahim Nadia
National Institute for Agricultural Research, Morocco
Title : Nutritive value of some lentil Moroccan Landraces diversity on-farm conserved


The malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies affect adversely human health and productivity as the decrease of work capacity and school performance. Addressing nutrients deficiency through plant breeding  would be the appropriate approach to promote healthy and nutritional status mainly for low incomes people. The genetic resources available among landraces might enhance breeders’ efficiency for crop nutritional value improvement. Lentil landraces have been on-farm conserved in Morocco to insure home-consumption and livelihood food security. Seeds constitute an economic dietary source of protein, essential minerals and antioxidant compounds. Thus current study aims on assessing nutritional value of eight lentil landraces compared to four improved varieties. Results evidenced a large range of nutrients content variability in regards to crude proteins (26.8 - 33.8%), total carbohydrate (46.4- 58.3%), neutral fibers (39.7-46.4%), lipids content (1.13-2.10 mg/100g) composed mostly of unsaturated fatty acid (83.9%) revealing the healthy source of lentils. The major compounds of total phenols (7.60 mg/100g) are the condensed tannins (6.04mg/g DM) which concentrated mainly in seed coat (67%). The large range variability of micronutrients concentration as iron (6.57-8.26), magnesium (102.0-126.8), zinc (3.74-4.83) revealed the beneficial healthy source of lentil seeds as they provide essential nutrients of human requirements and the sustainability of local genetic cores in providing optional genetic resources of genotypes or allelic variants of candidate gene(s) useful in pre-breeding for developing new varieties with nutritional beneficial traits.


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